Yucaipa Community Services offers a dozen different Sportball summer programs

By on May 31, 2016
Yucaipa Community Services offers a dozen different Sportball summer programs

The city of Yucaipa is offering a series of Sportball summer programs beginning as early as June 13 for youth ages 16 months through age 10. Each class has its own unique sports focus and each class is targeted for a specific age group.  Classes for the youngest children are parent and child classes.

Some classes are focused on a wide range of differing sports whereas some classes will focus on just one sport.  An overview of the Sportball programs includes:





Sportball-Baseball                                                           Ages 5-8 years

Sportball-Junior                                                              Ages 16-24 months

Sportball-Parent/Child Multi-Sport                                Ages 2 & 3 years

Sportball-Parent/Child Soccer                                       Ages 2 & 3 years (2 sessions)

Sportball-Soccer                                                             Ages 3-5 years (2 sessions)

Sportball-Soccer                                                              Ages 5-8 years (2 sessions)

Sportball-Multi-Sport                                                     Ages 3-5 years

Sportball-Summer Sports Camp                                 Ages 4.5-10 years (2 sessions)


All classes are dedicated to skills development.  Certified Sportball coaches deliver high energy with fun-filled methodology.

Sports specific classes teach the concepts and skills associated with the sport along with development and game strategy, scrimmages and more.  The multi-sport class teaches the concepts and skills associated with eight popular sports including soccer, tennis, baseball, basketball, football and others.

Sports camps include age appropriate arts and crafts, co-operative games and themes, along with snack time.  Youngsters will spend time learning new skills, making new friends and building confidence in themselves and their abilities.

For parent and child classes will offer parents a direct hand in their child’s development through a unique multi-sports program.  Classes focus on a wide variety of gross motor skills. Children learn important physical skills through eight core ball sports while improving balance, stamina, coordination and timing.

Specifics regarding all classes – dates, location, fees and additional details – are available on the city’s website at: https://apm.activecommunities.com/yucaipa/Activity_Search/sportball-summer-2016/7993