See the Future Yucaipa High School Varsity Football Players at Junior Varsity, Freshman Team Games

By on September 4, 2018
Yucaipa Football Routs Beaumont

Next year’s Yucaipa High School (YHS) varsity football players are already hard at work and can be seen for the next eight weeks during both junior varsity and freshman team games. Selection as a varsity player can depend on the hard work, attention to detail and skills shown in the training and games of a school’s younger players. So, whether you’re a parent, grandparent or other relative, sibling, classmate or an avid football fan, take a look at the younger talent on YHS’s junior varsity and freshman teams.


The junior varsity and freshman team schedules for September and October are:

*Denotes Rivalry Game

Date     Time                  YHS Team          Opponent                                    Location

09-06    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     Chaparral High School                 Chaparral

09-06    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           Chaparral High School                 Yucaipa

09-13    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     San Gorgonio High School           Yucaipa

09-13    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           San Gorgonio High School           San Gorgonio

09-20    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     Silverado High School                  Yucaipa

09-20    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           Silverado High School                  Yucaipa

09-27    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     Carter High School                       Yucaipa

09-27    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           Carter High School                       Carter

10-04    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     Redlands East Valley HS              Redlands East Valley

10-04    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           Redlands East Valley HS              Yucaipa

10-11    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     Redlands High School                  Yucaipa *

10-11    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           Redlands High School                  Redlands *

10-18    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     Cajon High School                        Cajon

10-18    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           Cajon High School                        Yucaipa

10-25    3:15 p.m.           Junior Varsity     Citrus Valley High School             Citrus Valley

10-25    3:15 p.m.           Freshman           Citrus Valley High School             Citrus Valley

Here’s to a winning Thunderbirds football season for both the Junior Varsity and Freshman teams. You’re tomorrow’s varsity players in the making!


  1. MarlaK

    September 4, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Check with the coaches. I printed a schedule from an online source and the coaches sent my freshman player home with a slightly different schedule in regards to home or away and start time. For instance my schedule from a coach shows 9/6 Freshman at Chaparral High School, start at 4pm.

  2. Susan Hodgkins

    September 4, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    By the way, anyone is free to attend games or there are some restrictions?