County Reminds Residents to Practice Social Distancing While Golfing

By on April 28, 2020

As County residents begin to venture back outdoors and enjoy the wonderful parks and recreation facilities, San Bernardino County is reminding everyone to continue practicing the social distancing measures we’ve been following.

One sport that allows you to get fresh air and sunshine while social distancing is golf.  Here are a few guidelines to help ensure your safety and that of your companions:

  • Keep your distance — stay at least six feet from the other players
  • Do not share golf carts, unless your golf partner is someone from your household
  • Remember to bring and wear your face cover when in proximity to others
  • Arrive at the course with your golf shoes already on; Clubhouses are closed so you won’t be able to change at the course
  • Bring your own water bottle

As a reminder, pro shops, restaurants and other clubhouse services are not open. To-go food orders, however, are allowed.