Yucaipa City Council members elect new mayor, mayor pro tem

By on December 5, 2017
Yucaipa City Hall

Greg Bogh, Yucaipa city councilman since 2010, has been elected Yucaipa’s new mayor and will serve in that capacity for the following year. Councilman Bobby Duncan has been elected as mayor pro tem for the same one-year term. Each member of the five-member city council shares equal voting powers for all matters coming before the city council.

At their Nov. 27 meeting the Yucaipa council members discussed the manner in which they elect the mayor and mayor pro tem and opted to alter the current process. Effective with the mayor and mayor pro tem’s election in 2019 the council choose to have the council member who has gone the longest without serving as mayor become the new mayor, while the second-longest council member without serving will become mayor pro tem.

In other news from the last city council meeting in November was the introduction of James Williams as Yucaipa’s new chief of police, a 25-year employee with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He and his wife have recently relocated to Yucaipa.