Week in Politics

By on March 27, 2015
Yucaipa News March 26, 2015

This week, Congressman Paul Cook (R) joined more than 360 other members in the House of Representatives in sending a bipartisan letter to President Obama. The letter addresses major concerns about the Obama Administration’s ongoing negotiations with Iran. To read the full letter, click here.

Assemblyman Chad Mayes (R) introduced AB 1286, which would establish an Economic Growth Commission that would be tasked with analyzing state and local regulations on businesses and industries. The commission would also make recommendations to legislatures in order to promote economic growth and job creation.

“For years, forces as diverse as the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, former Senate Pro Tempore Darrel Steinberg, and former Assembly Speaker John Perez have all called for regulatory reform yet the failure to identify exactly which regulations need reforming has prevented true progress. It’s time to move the needle on regulatory reform in a robust and serious manner,” said Mayes in a statement.

On Tuesday, the California legislative Democrats on the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee killed Senator Mike Morrell’s (R) proposed fire tax bill, SB 198. The vote was decided 2-7 against the bill. SB 198 would repeal the costly and controversial fire prevention fee (fire tax).

“The fire tax was enacted at a time when the budget situation was in worse shape than today in an attempt to shore up spending in other areas of government on the backs of rural Californians,” said Morrell. “Legislative leaders should recognize that we’re now past that situation and repeal it. I’m disappointed with today’s vote, but will continue fighting the fire tax and seek relief for property owners.”

On Wednesday, California Attorney General Kamala Harris filed an action for declaratory relief seeking judicial authorization to not issue a title and summary for the Sodomite Suppression Act.

Under the proposed Sodomite Suppression Act, anyone who engages in sodomy in the state shall be killed.

“…This proposal not only threatens public safety, it is patently unconstitutional, utterly reprehensible, and has no place in a civil society,” said Harris. “Today, I am filing an action for declaratory relief with the Court seeking judicial authorization for relief from the duty to prepare and issue the title and summary for the ‘Sodomite Suppression Act.’ If the Court does not grant this relief, my office will be forced to issue a title and summary for a proposal that seeks to legalize discrimination and vigilantism.”