Sen. Morrell Expresses Frustration Following Legislator’s Passing of Main 2019-20 State Budget Bill

By on June 24, 2019

Senator Mike Morrell (R-23rd District- Rancho Cucamonga) was direct and straight-forward in expressing his frustration recently when his fellow legislators passed the main portion of the 2019-20 state budget bill (AB 74).

“Have you had enough,” asked Sen. Morrell. “Despite a record-setting $215-billion budget, including a $22-billion surplus, the governor and legislative Democrats still want more of our money.

“Over the next two years, businesses will pay $3 billion in new taxes. Consumers will be charged $1 billion over three years in health penalty taxes. These increases come on top of the six-cents-per-gallon increase set to hit gas prices on July 1.”

Sen. Morrell, who has supported many efforts to curtail taxes in California and has actively sought to ease the tax burden on both businesses and consumers, continued with his recent comments saying, “The next generation cannot afford for the state to increase financial burdens on them, but that is what will happen as government continues to take our money, mismanage it, and ask for more.”