Mike Morrell Sees Two Bills Pass in Senate

By on June 6, 2015
Yucaipa News April 10th, 2015

State Senator Mike Morrell, who represents Yucaipa and much of the surrounding area, saw two of his bills pass in the Senate and make their way to the Assembly for consideration. His bills, SB 418 and SB 2, would help active duty service members complete college degrees and Veterans Halls continue to provide services to veterans.

Senate Bill 418 would change the length of approved absence from California State University campuses from two years to five for active duty service members. This change in the readmission procedures would help active duty military students complete college degrees.

“CSU students who take on the added role of defending our nation while pursuing their studies should have every advantage in completing their degrees,” Morrell said. “I’m pleased that SB 418 is now in the Assembly and look forward to working with the members of that house to get it through to the governor’s desk.”

Senate Bill 2, would allow Veterans Halls to maintain their property tax exemptions, even if they rent out their facility for a fee. Currently, Veterans Halls forfeit a portion of their property tax exemptions if they rent their facilities for a fee. Because of the services that Veterans Halls offer, they tend to operate at revenue deficient and rely on rental income to function. Morrell was a principal coauthor of the bill.

“Veterans Halls serve as community centers throughout our state, but like all buildings, they require maintenance and financial resources to stay up and running,” continued Morrell. “SB 2 helps ensure that the veterans groups who take responsibility for these halls are able to continue doing so and offer them as locations for local meetings and gatherings. Our American heroes deserve no less.”

On June 3, Morrell voted to protect small businesses from frivolous lawsuits. The bipartisan legislation, SB 251, would give businesses that are demonstrating a concerted effort to comply with ADA requirements by allowing the businesses to resolve construction-related violations without being subject to litigation or fines.

“Combined with high taxes and regulations, the threat of frivolous lawsuits can discourage businesses from investing and expanding here in California,” said Morrell. “SB 251 will help rein in these cases by ensuring that those business owners who are actively trying to make their properties accessible to everyone have a chance to fix identified violations before being taken to court. It is a needed step forward in promoting economic growth and job creation.”

All three pieces of legislation have until September 11 to be considered by the Assembly.