Council votes on California’s sanctuary state law

By on April 26, 2018
Yucaipa City Hall Makes News


Yucaipa City Council joined a cascade of opposition to SB 54 Monday night following a 4-1 vote to formally declare it’s displeasure for the legislation that makes it a California policy to oppose federal immigration efforts.

The California measure, which became effective on Jan. 1, limits the involvement of state and local law enforcement agencies in federal immigration efforts.

The statute, commonly known as the California Values Act, prohibits California peace officers, in cases of non-violent crimes,  from:

  • Inquiring into an individual’s immigration status.
  • Detaining an individual on the basis of a federal ‘hold’ request.
  • Making or participating on an arrest based on civil immigration warrant.
  • Providing information about an individual’s release date, unless the information is publicly available.

Most of those speaking during a public hearing inside the packed city council chambers Monday evening opposed SB 54.

Councilwoman Denise Allen was the lone dissenter in the vote for Yucaipa to formally declare its opposition to SB 54.

Letters to that effect will be sent to U.S, Attorney General Jeff Session, Gov. Jerry Brown and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, said Bob Duncan, mayor pro team.

“What we did is a ceremonial vote,” Duncan said. Because Yucaipa contracts with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office for its  police services, the letter will have no practical outcome, Duncan said.

“We can’t tell Sheriff (John) McMahon what to do,” he said.

Ben Clymer Jr. was the first speaker Monday evening.

“While others focus on the public safety issue, for me this is about protecting the Republican form of government,” he said.

“Congress alone has the authority to alter, amend and implement immigration policy, per Article I, Section 8 of The Constitution,” he said, in an interview after the meeting.

“I applaud cities that are standing up to Sacramento. I applaud the Yucaipa mayor and council,” Clymer said.

Sessions last month flew into Sacramento to formally announce a federal lawsuit against the California Values Act.

Yucaipa joins Hesperia, Beaumont, Aliso Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, Fountain Valley, Yorba Linda, Orange and San Diego counties in opposition to SB 54.

Jim Steinberg an award-winning business, environmental and medical writer.