Candidates headed for a runoff, races to be decided in November

By on June 7, 2018

In the elections that impact the city of Yucaipa and matter to its citizens, some things are decided and others we will have to wait as they will be determined in November.  One race that will be fought in the general election but probably will not be much of a contest is the battle between incumbent multi-term Congressman Paul Cook and perpetual candidate Tim Donnelly.  The November race will hence be an all republican affair.

Marine Colonel turned Congressman Paul Cook snared a large margin of victory getting 42.51% of the vote compared to Donnelly getting a respectable 23.3%.  Democrats took the balance between three candidates that never had a realistic chance of winning in the conservative district.  The consensus opinion among several campaign consultants is that the November general election race will likely be an easy win for Cook.  Cook will have the advantage of being an incumbent with the economy going strong and will have a decided money advantage in all likelihood which puts him in the driver’s seat heading into November.  Donnelly is a hard right conservative darling but those candidates have tended to flame out in general elections in recent history.

“Donnelly is a guns, God, fire and brimstone tea partier and that marginalizes him in this race because the votes that now matter is the 35% that the democrat voters cast for their candidates,” said Jim Erwin, a local campaign consultant and former union-leader. “The democrats that do vote are not going to vote for Donnelly, they will see Cook as the more moderate candidate and the lesser of two evils.”

It also appears that another republican incumbent Chad Mayes will easily win in November in his reelection bid to the California State Assembly.  Mayes garnered 34.64% of the vote in what is another conservative leaning district defeating two other republicans who split the anti-Mayes republican vote getting a total of approximately 35% and the democrats picked up the balance.  Mayes will face Deniantionette Mazingo in November.  Mazingo had 29.90% of the vote and as long as the republicans in the district come back to Mayes he should win easily.

It appears that Supervisor James Ramos will face a real challenge to win an Assembly seat he covets in November.  Despite having an enormous advantage in terms of money and the political lean of the assembly district, Ramos could not best the lightly funded and barley known councilman from San Bernardino, Henry Nickel who actually out performed Ramos garnering the most votes by far in the race with 46.58% of the vote.  The fact that Nickel almost eliminated Ramos by winning the primary outright was almost unbelievable according to most political prognosticators watching the race and shows Ramos is a weak candidate.

The most hotly contested race in the primary was the all-out brawl between embattled and scandal marred incumbent district attorney Mike Ramos and challenger Jason Anderson.  In what was surely the most expensive district attorney’s race in San Bernardino County history Anderson prevailed with 52.98% of the vote.