Assemblyman Mayes’ bill to waive court fees for children of sexual abuse seeking a name change

By on August 23, 2018
Assemblyman Chad Mayes

Assemblyman Chad Mayes (R- 42nd District -Rancho Mirage) that legislation he authored has unanimously passed through both the Assembly and the House and now awaits Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. AB 2201 (Sydney’s Law) was inspired by one of the 42 District’s constituents who was a childhood victim of abuse and subsequently went through the lengthy process of changing her name.

If signed by the Governor, AB 2201 would waive court fees for children who are victims of sexual assault, human trafficking or who are at risk of stalking or domestic violence and who are petitioning the court for a name change. The legislation would become known of as “Sydney’s Law.”

With Governor Brown’s signature on the legislation the new section of AB 2201 would become effective Sept. 1 of this year. Specifically, the new language of AB 2201, Section 70635 reads: “(a) No fee shall be charged to the petitioner in a proceeding for a change of name that meets the conditions for the exemption under subdivision (b) of Section 1277 of the Code of Civil Procedure if the action is filed on behalf of a minor.”