Letters to the Editor

By on November 5, 2016
Judge Robert Fawke

There’s no doubt about it – I’m voting for Judge Robert Fawke for Yucaipa City Council, District 5!  He clearly understands the issues that need to be addressed, especially the issue with building toll lanes on the San Bernardino Freeway. This is absurd!  Whereas Dick Riddell has previously (and consistently) supported toll lanes on the freeway – but then waffles and denies having supported them  – Judge Fawke knows that no good will come from toll lanes. Only more traffic and congestion, and just another tax for us to get to and from home, will be the upshot of re-electing Dick Riddell.  Once elected, Judge Fawke will make sure that Yucaipa’s voice opposing these toll lanes is heard loud and clear!

Daniel F. Finneman

SGT.  San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department (Retired)

Call them what you will – high occupancy transit (HOT), High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV)/Carpool Only Lanes, Express Lanes – they are simply names and acronyms for TOLL LANES.  And, Councilman Dick Riddell has always supported them and, now that his re-election is at-hand, he denies supporting them.  Judge Robert Fawke, who is running against Riddell, gets it and is totally opposed to these toll lanes. I can’t afford to pay anymore to get to and from my job; Judge Fawke gets my support for City Council, District 5!

William N. Ung

(USAF Retired)

I’ve been taxed once for the San Bernardino Freeway improvements and I’m not paying again! Measure I was the half-cent sales tax for transportation infrastructure, including roads and freeways. Dick Riddell is up for re-election in District 5 and he supports the proposal to build toll lanes on the San Bernardino Freeway (though he’s now denying his support!)  Toll lanes are nothing but a newer form of taxation or “Lexus Lanes.” Judge Robert Fawke is challenging Riddell for the District 5 City Council seat and he is totally opposed to the toll lane. Judge Fawke is getting my support that’s for sure!

Tim Huston