Letter to the Editor: Civilian defenders deserve appreciation

By on June 2, 2020
Yucaipa Prepares for Autumn Festival

Last Night in Yucaipa armed civilians took to the streets to protect businesses and run off rioters – they deserve thanks from the community.

The police are stretched thin and in many cases have been hamstrung by the local elected officials.  We do not know what the rules of engagement are in Yucaipa, but many police departments appear to be taking a very low key approach to say the least to stop the destruction of property.

Many properties, mostly in uptown along Yucaipa Boulevard, were defended by owners, employees and friends with guns.  These guns deterred the criminal mobs from trying to loot and destroy these small businesses.  These armed citizens sent a clear message to the thugs that we will not be victims and it made the bullies who hide in crowds and behind masks back down.

If you notice most of these people attack in groups like the feral products of society they are and prefer to hit people from behind like the poor man in the video we have all seen and the police officer who was shot in the head in Las Vegas last night – from behind of course.

It is time to put an end to the violence and if it takes armed civilians to do it so be it.  A group of rioters was also confronted and run-off by another group of people in Yucaipa – thye lesson here is clear – confronting these criminals is the only way to put an end to this – if law enforcement is unable or unwilling then it is up to us.

Lou Desmond, radio host for Lou Desmond & Company Show