Fall is my favorite time of the year

By on September 15, 2018

Fall is my favorite time of the year…well that and the holiday season.  The air turns cooler.  The football season opens.  The leaves turn and thankfully the kids go back to school.  In our region, because we are fortunate to be so close to Oak Glen, my thoughts (and those of many here in our town of Yucaipa also) turn to thoughts of picking fresh apples, getting fresh cider, apple pies, turnovers, cobblers, fresh local honey and other treats available at places like Riley’s Farm and others in Oak Glen.  I particularly love the huge apple pie that Riley’s Farm is famous for among other things.

The Riley name and the family have been synonymous with Oak Glen since the 1970s, with Yucaipa roots going back to the 1950s. In addition to all of the usual offerings that we expect from properties at Oak Glen, Riley’s Farm also has a very active history program that reaches tens of thousands of people, and most importantly young students and teaches them vital facts about American Colonial history.  They also do a variety of original shows that provide great entertainment throughout the year.  Riley’s Farm and the Riley family are part of the backbone of Oak Glen and are a treasure to have here in our region.

Recently Jim Riley one of the many members of the large and extended Riley Family has come under attack from the political correctness crowd and they are trying to shame him into silence because they don’t like his political views and are offended by his ribald and sometimes biting sense of humor.  I know Jim Riley and have had the pleasure of meeting a variety of Riley family-members and employees.  A more generous, kind and loving group of people who want nothing more than making people happy would be hard to find.  Our society has become so entrenched in my team vs. your team politics that having a different point of view and expressing it enthusiastically is an immediate call for the death sentence for your business.  This is absurd.  Has the left not learned from the example of Hobby Lobby, Chik Fil A and recently In N Out?

Attacking good people because of their beliefs and trying to destroy them and their business (which by the way hurts the employees more than anyone else) is unbecoming and un-American.  We don’t do collective guilt and public shaming here.  Those treats are reserved for communist countries and other dictatorships.  I will make it a point to go to Riley’s Farm, bring my family and go buy stuff, more than usual just to make this point.  I urge others to do the same.