Yucaipa Mobilehome Rent Review Commission to meet Jan. 15

By on January 3, 2020
Yucaipa City Hall Makes News

The Yucaipa Mobilehome Rent Review Commission is set to hold their biennial review of the mobilehome rent stabilization ordinance on January 15.

The commission will discuss annual rent adjustment formulae, rent adjustments due to vacancies, disclosures to the public about rent adjustments and appointments for resident representatives.

The Mobilehome Rent Stabilization Ordinance requires that the City carry out a Biennial review of the Ordinance during odd-numbered years. The last review was completed in 2017.

Last August, the City held a meeting with representatives of Yucaipa Mobilehome Residents Association (“YMRA”), Manufactured Housing Educational Trust (“MHET”), Western Manufactured   Housing   Communities   Association   (“WMA”),   Mobilehome   Rent   Review Commission (“MRRC”) Attorney Amy Greyson, City staff attorney Don Lincoln (via conference call) and City Rent Administrator Jennifer Crawford to discuss and gather input on various issues that will be presented as part of the 2019 review.

Comments regarding the upcoming ordinance review were due to the City by September 30. Staff received comments from YMRA, MHET, WMA, and MRRC member Caecilia Johns.   In addition, Dr. Kenneth  Baar submitted  a memo in response  to comments made by YMRA  and provided an analysis of the CPI requested by City staff.

If residents wish to attend, the meeting will be held at City Hall in the City Council Chambers on Wednesday, January 15 at 9:00 am.

The Mobilehome Rent Review Commission is composed of five members who are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the City Council. The members of the Commission are neither residents nor park owners who have no financial interest in any mobilehome or mobilehome park and have no parents, children, spouses or siblings with any such interest.