Yucaipa Council Adopts Code of Conduct

By on August 18, 2019
Yucaipa City Hall Makes News

At last week’s meeting, the Yucaipa City Council voted to adopt a code of conduct for its members following controversy earlier this year over social media posts by its Mayor.

The 16-page document was drafted by the city manager and city attorney’s offices after public outcry over Mayor Bobby Duncan’s posts to his personal Facebook page.

The code includes roles and responsibilities for the Mayor and Council, and outlines conduct for dealing with other members of the Council, city staff, other agencies, the media and the public.

The code also outlines a policy for sanctions, stating: “City Council members who intentionally and repeatedly do not follow proper conduct as outlined in this Code of Conduct may be reprimanded or formally censured by the council, lose seniority or committee assignments (both within the city or with intergovernmental agencies) or have official travel restricted.”

Councilwoman Denise Allen, who had originally proposed the idea of the code, said she was okay with the document that it “reads like a handbook and would be very, very useful, for especially newly elected members of this council to understand their roles and relationships in terms of the public and city staff.”

Councilman Dick Riddell said he didn’t see anything in the document he objected to and that he agreed to everything that was in there.

The mayor called the 16-page code “ridiculous” and said he was “surprised the city council has survived for 30 years without this document.”

“Short of me making a mistake with Facebook and being neutered and understanding my role now that I can’t really exercise my rights as a citizen of this great country, but I get that, I understand it but, it seems like an overkill for a mistake that I made,” he said at the meeting.

Councilman Greg Bogh concurred stating that the “code of conduct is regulated by the voters, not other councilmembers, not staff.”

After presentation by City Manager Ray Casey and discussion by the Council, Allen moved the item and it was seconded by Riddell. The item was approved on a 3-2 vote. A full copy of the code can be found in the agenda packet for the Aug. 12 meeting, at yucaipa.org/government/meeting-agendas.