Stop unwanted mails phone calls and email

By on January 3, 2018

The holidays may be over but unwanted mail and email as well as phone solicitations will continue unless you take action to rid yourself of these nuisances.

By opting out of printed materials – flyers, coupons books, catalogs and the like – you’ll save time, reduce clutter and help the environment by reducing the amount of paper that needs to be recycled. Opting out of printed materials in the first place is even better than recycling after the print piece is delivered to your home or business.

Eliminating phone solicitations will ease your frustration, especially when they no longer interrupt dinner time!

To opt out of mailing list for prescreened offers of credit and insurance call 1-888-5-OPTOUT (1-888-567-8688.) To cease the deliveries of catalogs, magazines and other mail offers with companies you have never previously done business with you need to register online with the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) at If you have done business with a direct mail company previously but no longer wish to receive their materials you should contact the company by phone or go online and clip the “unsubscribe” button (usually located at the bottom of the company’s first webpage – and often in very small print.) The unsubscribe process may take several days but, if after that period of time you are still receiving email materials you may need to “unsubscribe” again.