SBC Civil Grand Jury offers public presentations and attendance at civic events to educate the public

By on January 12, 2018

If you’ve ever been curious to know what a grand jury does, what its responsibilities are and how to seek to become part of a jury, now is your chance to become educated on these issues. The San Bernardino County (SBC) Civil Grand Jury has announced the recent production of a brief PowerPoint presentation to educate the public on its responsibilities and duties concerning local and county governments.

Online information regarding the SBC Grand Jury indicates that its members are appointed annually by the Superior Court. Its responsibilities include investigating local government, examining instances of public office crime and corruption, and returning indictments in certain criminal cases brought before it by the District Attorney’s Office.

Members of the current Grand Jury are available the present the new PowerPoint presentation to organizations within the county. Additionally, members of the Grand Jury are available to staff a booth at various civic events.

If your organization, club or civic group is interested in scheduling either a presentation or in inviting the Grand Jury to staff a booth at an upcoming event, contact Norma Grosjean, Grand Jury Assistant, at or (909) 387-9120.