San Bernardino County Libraries Summer Reading Program Begins Today

By on July 6, 2020

The San Bernardino County Libraries annual Summer Reading Program begins today, July 6 and runs through August 29. The Excavate Something Big reading program is part of the county’s Vision2Read program and part of the Countywide Vision intend to foster literacy throughout the county by promoting literacy programs and volunteer activities.

The Summer Reading Program is free and open to all ages. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register on Beanstack using your account or sign up for a new one, and decide if you will be logging books, pages, or minutes read.
  2. Check out books from the Library and READ! Log your progress online, on Beanstack, by entering the book title, number of pages or minutes read, depending on what you chose.
  3. Earn a reward badge each week by reading at least the weekly minimum and logging the books, pages or minutes read. Come into the library to collect your rewards throughout the summer.

Additionally, the county libraries offer a grand prize drawing for children and teens who meet the County Library Reading Challenge. The children’s challenge is to read at least 45 books, 450 pages or 6 hours of reading to receive a ticket. For teens, the challenge is to read at least 8 books, 800 pages of 8 hours of reading to get a ticket.

The Yucaipa Branch Library is located at 12040 5th St. in Yucaipa. The Yucaipa Branch Library can be reached at: 909-790-3146.

More information about the Vision2Read program can be found at: Information about the Excavate Something Big reading program and details is available at: