Prepare Now for Yucaipa’s Free Shred-It Event on October 12

By on October 2, 2019
City of Yucaipa Hosts Shred-It Event

If you’re like most people who don’t have regular access to a shredder you probably either have an ever-growing pile of documents that need to be shredded or you are running a risk every time you toss a bank statement or credit card bill into the trash. Credit card companies and credit monitoring firms repeatedly warn their customers of the risk of very personal information being “lifted” from hard-copies of sensitive documents that have ended up in the trash.

If this should happen you may find your personal information has been compromised whether it’s your personal identity, financial information or even your medical history. The potential hassle and stress can last for years while you work to correct these problems all of which can be minimized by safely and securely shredding personal information.

The city of Yucaipa, along with Burrtec, want to make it safe and easy for you to protect your identity and rid your home of sensitive papers you no longer need. Saturday, Oct. 12 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. is Yucaipa’s next free Shred-It event to be held at the Yucaipa Community Center at 34900 Oak Glen Road the center’s main parking lot on the building’s west side.

This special event is only for Yucaipa resident. You must bring proof of being a Yucaipa resident (driver’s license or state-issued ID). Participants can bring up to four boxes or bags of paper per person. Paper for shredding can include personal correspondence you no longer need such as credit card bills/statements, tax returns, legal correspondence, bank statements, utility bills, medical bills, laboratory results and even prescriptions labels (peel them off of the bottles.)

Two other sources of paper that you might want to shred could include:

  • If you’ve recently been faced with the task of clearing out a deceased loved one’s home it’s best to shred their old paperwork. Social security numbers from deceased individuals have been taken from personal trash bins by unscrupulous individuals looking to illegally try to pose as someone who is actually deceased to try and continue collecting their Social Security benefits.
  • If you’re about to get married and you have love letters from past romances perhaps you’ll want to consider making a clean break and leave behind no trail to impact your wedded bliss in years to come. Just a thought…

Every individual and household is unique in what should be or needs to be shredded. Use the next week-plus to round up what you’d like to shred and plan to attend Yucaipa’s Shred-It event. But don’t bring phonebook, magazines or catalogs in your boxes or bags as these items cannot be accepted.

For questions or further information contact the city of Yucaipa at: 909-797-9125.