Interested in learning more about local water and sewer treatment services?

By on December 31, 2017
Yucaipa Conserves Water 23 Percent

Ever wonder about your local water resources – where it comes from, how it’s treated, how conservation efforts are implemented? Yucaipa Valley Water District (YVWD) offers free tours of its water and treatment facilities for business customers, community organizations and residential customers.

YVWD encompasses 215 miles of drinking water pipelines, a service area of 40 square miles in Yucaipa and Calimesa (with a sphere of influence of 68 square miles) and 27 reservoirs with 34-million gallons of storage capacity. The district maintains 12,434 water connections serving 17,179 units, 13,559 sewer connections serving 20,519 units and 64 recycled water connections. Additionally, YVWD oversees a sewer system with a treatment capacity of 8-million gallons and a current flow of approximately 4-million gallons per day.

The District employees 62 full-time employees and is managed by five elected Board members.

If you are interested in scheduling a tour of YVWD for your class, club, group or organization contact the district office at 909-797-5117. YVWD is headquartered at 12770 Second Street in Yucaipa.