Green Valley High School named Model Continuation High School

By on March 9, 2018

Congratulations to Yucaipa’s Green Valley High School (GVHS) for being named a Model Continuation High School by the California Department of Education. Only 32 out of more than 400 continuation high schools have been selected for this distinction in 2018; each school will hold this designation for three years.

“Green Valley is fortunate to be supported by a district and community that fully supports us to the highest degree possible,” said GVHS Principal Cara Prentiss. “We have an amazing staff that is devoted to providing our students with a place where they feel safe, cared for and engaged. Our students learn in a variety of different ways and respond to different methods from those traditionally utilized in a classroom. The teachers at Green Valley build upon this diversity to help our students be successful. Green Valley is honored to be designated as a model continuation high school recognizing the high-quality educational environment we provide.”

As a joint effort between the California Department of Education and the California Continuation Education Association, the Model Continuation High Schools Recognition Program recognizes schools that provide innovative and effective educational programs that help at-risk students earn their diploma and prepare for careers and post-secondary education. Continuation high schools offer an alternative, accredited high school diploma program for students, ages 16 through 18 years or older. Students enrolled in continuation education programs are often credit deficient or in need of a flexible schedule due to employment, family obligations or other critical needs.

“Students at Green Valley High School have the opportunity to overcome any obstacle which may have inhibited them from succeeding in their past,” said GVHS English Teacher Colleen Thomas. “Whether they have been held back by influences outside of school, focus in the classroom, norms in the curriculum, social anxiety, or disability, each and every student individually receives the necessary tools they need to achieve their goals at graduation and beyond. More importantly, we as a whole family, students, teachers, and staff, support one another through the steps in this process, striving to help develop an admirable and prepared 21st century generation.”

GVHS students were quick to praise Yucaipa’s only continuation high school:

“Green Valley High School has changed my life,” said Tanner Yanez. “The staff and teachers are very nice and caring.  My grades and attendance have improved ever since coming here.  This is probably the best school I’ve been to and I’m excited for what the future holds.”

“The GVHS staff is caring and has helped me socially. I look forward to coming to school now,” said Anderson Litel.

Hannah Berry said, “GVHS provides a welcoming, safe, supportive and helpful environment that allows you to express yourself.  My focus can be on my academic success here.”

California’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson named Green Valley High School as a 2018 Model Continuation High School.