Get Ready for the Great California ShakeOut Earthquake Drill scheduled for today

By on October 18, 2018

Unlike the recent hurricanes that have battered the East Coast, the tornados that plague the Mid-West or even the blizzards that can bring communities to a standstill, California’s earthquakes do not provide any early warning signs. At least a hurricane can be spotted days, if not weeks, before it makes landfall. Tornados don’t provide much warning but at least you typically have a few minutes to call the kids and the dog in from the backyard and herd them into the basement. Even many employers will send their personnel home early in advance of a big blizzard. But an earthquake provides no warning, no advance notice.

The Great California ShakeOut Earthquake is our advance warning of a sizeable earthquake because the event helps to prepare us for the seismic inevitability and educates us on what’s the best preparation and practices we should do both prior to and during an earthquake.

Much like what baby boomers learn as children when we were required to learn what to do if there was an air raid or similar event in the 1950s and 1960s, the Great California ShakeOut Earthquake. Quite simply, if an earthquake began to make the floor rock and things began to roll off the shelves you will need to Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Drop to the floor and crawl quickly to get under a table or desk,

The San Bernardino County website offers addition resources to aid in your preparation including:

The Great California ShakeOut Earthquake Drill on Thursday, Oct. 18 beginning at 10:18 a.m. might be as close to an early warning as Californians will get. Be prepared at all times and stay safe!