Crafton Grad Receives scholarship from Gas Company to Continue Studies at Univ. of Redlands

By on September 6, 2018

Crafton Hills College (CHC) graduate Brent Stockton is the most recent CHC student to receive a $5,000 scholarship from Southern California Gas Company (SCGC). Prior to enrolling at CHC Stockton had worked as a producer and audio engineer for the music business for about ten years.

Recipients of the SCGC scholarship were required to be enrolled as full-time students for 2018 fall semester. Stockton had originally selected CHC for its faculty and staff as well as the quality of its surroundings. Stockton, a Redlands resident, was selected for the prize from a pool of nominees based on his strong academic successes at Crafton and his commitment to community involvement.

“I was astonished and tremendously grateful that So Cal Gas and Crafton Hills College made me the recipient of this stellar award,” Stockton said of the prize. “It feels great to know that other people believe in what I am trying to accomplish and are willing to support my dreams,” he said.

Stockton, a father of two, has definite education and career plans on the horizon. He will apply the $5,000 Gas Company scholarship to his current studies at the University of Redlands where he plans to advantage of the “high quality” of education offered and the “exceptional” engineering program structure, he said. The Gas Company scholarship “will bring significant financial relief to our young, growing family,” he said.

Following his studies at University of Redlands Stockton hopes to transfer to Columbia University in New York or Washington University in St. Louis with his family in tow. Upon completing the program, Stockton hopes to obtain employment as an engineer in the energy industry, he said.

Stockton praised his CHC time saying, “I found this gorgeous campus to be outstanding, providing a safe environment for learning with a high quality of teaching,” he said. “I think what I will miss most about CHC are the excellent professors I have been fortunate enough to learn from during my time on campus. I can honestly say that I have had some of the best teachers in my entire school career at CHC.”