Be a good citizen — recycle your used motor oil

By on January 5, 2018

Used motor oil never wears – it can be recycled, cleaned and used again. But motor oil that is poured into the ground, buried in the ground (even in sealed containers), poured into storm drains or tossed into trash cans will likely contaminate and pollute the groundwater, streams and rivers as well as the soil. Do the right thing and recycle your used motor oil.

The city of Yucaipa makes it easy for those who change their own motor oil. Thanks to a grant funded by CalRecycle, the city of Yucaipa provides a free curbside service through Yucaipa Disposal. Curbside service takes place the first Tuesday of each month and is scheduled according to the calls received from residents. Calls must be received no later than the Friday prior to the designated service day. To request this service, residents should call Yucaipa Disposal at 909-797-9125.

To participate in this free service, residents must observe the following:

  • Customers must provide their own container. The container must be clear plastic and must have a tight, secure lid.
  • Waste oil must be strictly waste oil from engines and not contaminated with any other type of fluid or material.
  • Each customer will be limited to 2-gallons per month, in a container no larger than 3-gallons in size.
  • Used waste oil filters will be accepted if they are drained and placed in a clear plastic bag or coffee can with a tight, secure lid.

Additionally, the city of Yucaipa will provide a free 5-gallon drain pan, shop towel and filter wrench at no charge to residents who want to change their own motor oil and dispose of it properly. Residents can acquire the free supplies at Yucaipa City Hall (34272 Yucaipa Blvd.) in the General Services/City Clerk’s Department during regular city business hours. Call the city at 909-797-2489 to verify the days and hours they are open. This program is funded in part by CalRecycle and is available while supplies last.

When you take advantage of the above resources you are helping to protect the environment and conserving valuable resources—all for free!

By the way – if you have motor oil contaminated with other fluids such as such as antifreeze, gasoline, solvents, gasoline or water you can get information from the Household Hazardous Waste Hotline at 909-382-5401 about how to dispose with your contaminated motor oil.