New Crafton Hills College Professor Iris Kern-Foster to Open “Somewhere” Exhibit in Art Gallery

By on March 30, 2019
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“Somewhere” is coming to the Crafton Hills College (CHC) Art Galley on Monday, March 25. The exhibit features the work of CHC’s new professor of digital media, Prof. Iris Kern-Foster. Kern-Foster joined the CHC family last fall and says she enjoys working with a diverse student body that is “so engaged” in the community.

The new exhibit, “Somewhere”, includes both analog and digitally-created artwork, showing that traditional and new media formats can “happily coexist,” Kern-Foster says. But the exhibit also features a unique twist: one series of pieces has an additional layer that can be accessed through an augmented reality smartphone app.

Kern-Foster says the exhibit “relates to the human desire in creating mental images of people and situations and how we tend to place people into an imaginary surrounding, on a stage, a scenery — ‘somewhere,'” Kern-Foster says. “Since the characters in my artworks are mostly reduced to such an extent, the relationships between the different agents to each other and their surroundings tell the story.”

CHC will launch its Center for Digital Media, with new career and technical education certificates and courses in graphic and media design, interface design, and web development next fall. Over the next few years, additional courses in gaming and emerging technologies will be introduced. With this expansion in digital media courses and related developments, Kern-Foster’s arrival on campus is well timed.

“I am especially excited about our new multimedia foundations course, which will give students a great opportunity to find out what areas of media production they wish to explore more,” Kern-Foster says. “But, it’s really a class that will be beneficial to students of every major.”

“Somewhere” will run in the Crafton Hills College Art Gallery though Friday, April 12. Following the opening of the exhibit on March 25, an artist reception will be held on Wednesday, March 27 from noon to 2 p.m.

The CHC Art Gallery is on the college’s campus at 11711 Sand Canyon Road in Yucaipa. Please call the Gallery at 909-389-3353 for exhibit hours.