Crafton Hills College Theatre Department to Present New Works Festival Virtually

By on May 7, 2020
BellaJohn Theatricals

Crafton Hills College Theatre Department is presenting a New Works Festival “In the Beginning” virtually on Saturday, May 9 from 2 pm until 10 pm PST.

The festival will be presented live on Youtube at in four time blocks with short breaks between each block. All performances range from 6 to 27 minutes and will be performed live.

Block 1 will begin at 2 pm and last until approximately 4 pm. It will contain the following performances:

  • Reservation by Ronald Garbin, dir. Patrick Brien (25:00)
  • Conference on the Mound by Tim Lehnart, dir. Samantha Bloom (12:00)
  • Void by Zach McConnell, dir. Daniel Stuard (14:00)
  • Yggdrasil by Jeff Dunne, dir. Samantha Bloom (7:00)
  • Magic If by Hannah Barnes, dir. Daniel Stuard (10:00)
  • Setting the Scene by Alex Wilkie, dir. Jocelyn Perez (8:00)
  • Fluent by Chuck Smith, dir. Jackson Bottoff (12:00)
  • The Arrival by Michael Rendino, dir. Jocelyn Perez (12:00)

Block 2 is scheduled for 4-6 pm, and will contain the following performances:

  • Apple of My Eye by Rich Rubin, dir. Zach McConnell and Robert Remedios (6:00)
  • Descent of a Dog by Murray Brozonski, dir. Tony Baltierra (18:00)
  • Apple by Trevor Suthers, dir. Robert Remedios (13:00)
  • My Heart Will Go On by Bara Swain, dir. Kevin Evans (27:00)
  • Adam and Eve by Robert Wanderman, dir. Robert Remedios (13:00)
  • Zany Planets by Rex McGregor, dir. Jared Diamond (10:00)
  • Gospel According to Bowser by Dan Borengasser, dir. Brian Campbell (10:00)

Block 3 is scheduled for 6-8 pm, and will contain the following performances:

  • Moving Inventory by Troy Loftin, dir. Kobe Darby (12:00)
  • The Sun, the Moon and Selena by Paul Pasulka, dir. Chriss Martinez (14:00)
  • Sounds From the Merry Go Round by Stephen Stewart, dir. Jackson Bottorff (25:00)
  • Maker by Bethany Dickens, dir. Hannah Barnes (11:00)
  • How Grandma Met the Rat Pack by Greg Tulone, dir. Kevin Evans (18:00)
  • Rippled Reflection by Rajapillai Pillai, dir. Ana McNaughtan (9:00)
  • Logical by David Carkeet, dir. Brian Campbell (17:00)

Block 4 is scheduled for 8-10 pm, and will contain the following performances:

  • Three Point Shot by David Sobel, dir. Amber Valentina Johnson (11:00)
  • Not All Men by Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn, dir. Zach McConnell and Robert Remedios (8:00)
  • Fred Squad by Bill Brohaugh and Lisa Holt, dir. Shannon Galuszka (20:00)
  • Something to Remember by Carl L. Williams, dir. Frank Minano (9:00)
  • Born Lucky by William K. Hugel, dir. Winston Peacock (20:00)
  • A Less Than Serious Performance by Les Abramowitz, dir. Nicole Cowans (10:00)
  • Trigger Finger by Samantha Bloom, dir. Hannah Barnes (22:00)
  • Henry’s Hope by Margaret Lepera, dir. Joseph Henson (10:00)

Join the Crafton Hills College theatre department as they present 30 unpublished new plays presented virtually in one day of social-distance magic! For more information about the festival, email Paul Jacques at For more information about Crafton Hills College, visit